Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Experiments and Plans:

I have at last found a method of animation that works for me! I have tried drawing with chalk on brick walls, scribbling felt tips on mirrors, I even used the drawing pad in Motion...

I have taken a series of 150 photographs of a painting developing from a blank page to pencil, charcoal, and finally oil paint. I was trying to create a portrait in a way to show how it takes time to truly get to know a person, and I am finally happy with this outcome.

My original story was an animation of The Traveler's journal opening and gradually coming to life. I now think it would looks very disjointed to combine all the experiments I mentioned earlier. They should remain separate, as mini stories.

I am now trying to find a way to reconnect with those we care about in our home countries through art, possibly by sending images in the post around the world...

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