Monday, January 10, 2011

SOME JOY OF BOUNDARIES (a limited fork theory attempt at celebration)

how else to focus? to mean something by point of view?

Many stories of boundary systems are also stories, at some point,
of deterioration of some aspect(s) on some scale(s) in some location(s)
of that system. Many boundary systems have holes in them, or develop holes, gaps,
(sometimes as an outcome of an interaction with other systems framing information
which includes experience, or holes
can be poked in them (forced framed, or forced rescue framing)
at microscopic or much larger levels.

Perhaps the boundary systems shifts a bit, is recalibrated
by willful and/or involuntary events (temporarily) converging
on some scale[s] in some location[s].

Maybe that infamous butterfly wing flutters.

The fluttering itself may seem soundless to those whose ears cannot experience
(for a number of reasons,including boundaries of human range of hearing)
those vibrations as sound, but that movement, those vibrations are a song
(not limited to the song in the following moving picture):

Next, some impact fluttering, the splash-effect embrace as some interior surface migrates to exterior surface, some components of the splash becoming limited-distance, limited-range projectiles upon impact with another projectile traveling at least about 3,000 feet per second

Should these impacts be framed with beauty? Wondrous? exposure of what such speed usually withholds from human vision, aesthetic appreciation —some speed-masked dance, well-mapped
until the end when the music stops. If we could se this all the time, gracefully explosive impacts, would we arrange for more?

Sometimes boundaries may seem cruel, inhumane, may apparently
impede humanity's progress in any number of humanity's sometimes conflicting
quests for what might improve humanity from the point of view system of those
seeking particular forms of change.

Details we we get them: a system of framing and reframing

A temporarily better framing system may come along.

The scene may be renovated, cosmetics applied that may greatly affect
only aspects of the scene's surface system —what are the limits of surface?
Maybe before proceeding to what some consider depth, more time should be spent
with surface systems, including magnified time so as to see/hear/experience

more of the surface system.

A Nine-Year-Old Girl from Tuscon framed two ways
(measured by different systems of consider, different increments of meaning
[—watch for framing systems within framing systems]):

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