Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Light bulb....

At the beginning my story was about displacement: how people move and how I move where I could be in that moment (Ann Arbor for the moment), but I ended up discovering that this was more than that. Since I arrived to this city weird things have happened to me.. good weird things... so the gathering of elements to build my story turned out becoming a whole new story. Started to take my camera everywhere, and to take video and pictures of all of those things that had important mean in my stay here... then I wanted to tell how those things I care about and that call my attention affect me in somehow: like translating sound to color or being extremely sensitive to colors. After making a mental list of all those things, I realized that I was gathering all of my IMPUTS.... understanding IMPUT as the object-situation-action that enters a system and activates an action-process... that's exactly the word I was looking for. Through this story I found out more than what I wanted to tell, realized a process more than result and even more that I collected all of the most significant things for me in AA.
I could explain the whole story here... but you better go to the source:


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