Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Every single second we are displacing to somewhere in somehow. My story tells something about that and, of course, starts in an obvious way... me, how did I get here? I would start saying that I toke a plane from Mexico city to -----> Detroit stopping over in Dallas, TX. but this instead of being an answer became a bigger question: what is to displace? and it just goes where did I displace? Since when am I really here? and then the story comes and takes us again to the same point... People displacing, people going from one point to another. My concept is beyond any physical attempt of moving
, taking the brain and its functions as a mean of transportation and in fact, I consider that this is the first and most recurrent mean of transportation we all take in first place for most of our activities, besides, who I could say then, in a crazy way, that I have about a year here, when I applied for the scholarship and my mind landed here somewhere, so time becomes relative and exclusive of the instant and the entity: for my mind this can be a fact but for my body it's still a posibility, wich means as a fact that either if going or not the idea itself can take a space in time and cause displacement.

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