Thursday, September 16, 2010

Multicultural Stories

I have been interviewing people from all over the world (Brazil, Kazakhstan, Australia, India, France Germany, Italy, England, Thailand, Iran and USA) to uncover their stories and how they came to live together in Michigan. I have found some fascinating cultural differences between their countries and America... how quiet it is compared to India; how my friends from Kazakhstan miss eating horse meat; in Thailand you must take your shoes off to go inside; in Brazil everyone goes home at lunchtime to eat with the family; and the English use ridiculous words like nappy and hoover!


  1. What a greet idea! Do continue!!

    Are you recording the stories? It would be very good to have the audio, if the interviewess don't mind.

    And do consider filming ome of the storytellers, then perhaps filimng some of the stories translated into sign language.

    If you/re making a book of stories, maybe offer the stories in multiple languages —what are you planning?

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  3. Is there a pattern in how significant the differences are? As things become more and more fundamental to a group, do they become less and less likely to be different?

    What does these differences say about the human condition? Does being in one culture cause one to miss certain things, while being in another culture miss other things, even though either of those things are missing in your new locations?