Thursday, September 16, 2010

MERMAID PRELUDE to: Mapping of Rules & Obstructions in Limited Fork Theory Stories

Once I decided on Mermaid, Mermaid became a rule, was being included according to a logic of inclusion. Mermaid is with me now. The context of sharing, in part an attempt to finagle inclusion of mermaid, a (temporary) rule of mermaid in those who encounter this.

I own this dress
(available from, among many other places, awesome costume):

I do not own the gloves.
When skintight, long sleeve gloves help me dream of prosthetics.

The long-sleeve gloves I have are acrylic, fingerless; I wear them in cold circumstances when I need my fingers unencumbered to operate camera controls —though not to photograph myself in the dress in locations around the (small, local) world, something I did with trout some years ago, the gloves then latex to handle trout deteriorating well (accelerating rot, actually) on the third day of shooting.

While I did photograph trout on some old and some new Barbies (see more in forkergirl's Trout City flickr photo set):
fish on the new Barbies

I failed, and do regret now this failure that was something else then, to arrive at an obvious outcome of such mingling, the replacing of the trout head with a doll head, the exchange of Barbie bodies with trout filleted into skirt portions, allowing the Barbies to become better representatives, models for Mermaid Sisters, the story I wrote when I was seven. Something happened to them in the Greska of the Sea, called that so it couldn't possibly be real outside imagination where it was confined and further imagined with inescapable locks.

I do not think what happened was a trout brace or trout harness to hold them in on a couched roller coaster most Barbies didn't have when I played with them, no amusement park Barbie, the roller coaster cars flying off into ungrounded ambition as coaster did in Turn of the Screws,an episode of CSI. My cousin and I combined the Mystery Date board game and Clue into one mutation that let us scream, and everyone who heard me realized I was a fear-dependent first soprano who could put the fear of God to use: True Vine's junior choir, the robe white and shiny, glimmering like fish scales, though I looked more like an iced albatross singing.

Mine eyes have seen the glory, and now I've been struck blind in the left eye.

greška: croatian [We moved to a Coatian neighborhood when I was nine; it was no longer Coatian outside memory when I was fifteen]: defect, error, mistake.

illustration from Mermaid Sisters by forkergirl by another name at age seven. Greska appears twice as text, above and below the picture of Greska.

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