Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Early class assignment-measuring boundries

So I kinda suck at posting blogs, but I'm going to post three now and monopolize our blog. Apologies.

 One of our first assignments was the measure a boundary system using 2 different types of measurements one of which had to be larger than the other. Honestly this assignment stumped me at first as our teacher sent us out of the classroom for about an hour. I simply started walking around the art school thinking of the assignment and was distracted by all the student works on display. Therefore I incorporated this into the assignment by counting the number of steps I was taking and recording time with my phone. I decided that I would stop the time once I found a piece of art I personally really admired. Finally after 812 steps and 40.36 minutes I found a piece in the Slusser Gallery.

 (TO THE LEFT) All of the names and burn holes correlate.  

(Below) Shows the piece from various aspects and gives and idea of how large it is.

Overall this piece made me the viewer think after the hooked me in from across the room. Before really understanding the piece by reading the artist statement I already knew it had to due with important, serious subject matter and if it did not I would have been highly disappointed.

This is the artists' statement, which I found very intriguing because it hits a personal cord with me. 
As the daughter of an army officer I have a fear that my father will be injured or even killed while on a tour of duty. Not only do I have a fear for him, but for his friends as well as the people they come in contact with because no matter what side you're on war is a horrible thing. Seeing all the burn marks really helped further put all of this into perspective for me.


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