Friday, February 25, 2011

UMMA explorations & project info

After exploring the UMMA, I came out of the museum realizing the many frames of presentation I was in under while looking at the art work. Visually, the architectural framing of the building and the frames of its interior contribute a lot to the influence of the artwork for the viewers. For example, the newer section is surrounded by glassy walls and quite modern-looking architecture that peppered in, at least to me, a contemporary feeling towards the presented art even if they're not supposed to be contemporary art. Inside the building, the walls were plain & blank and didn't try to communicate too much to the viewers, as if to block an interaction between the actual interior space and the art objects. The museum tried to give a respectable section of space frame for every work because I felt like they believed that each art and idea is uniquely their own and should not blend together with any other object in and at the museum, and the only framing and grouping the museum allows for the art pieces are the different collection sections they're placed under. It's under this kind of notion of respecting something and its space that art museum goers tend to be quiet and silent.

For my project, I'm interested in how garments frame the body and what kind of impression they leave for an individual. I'm going to find a old-fashioned garment or a very specific event garment (such as a wedding dress) and alter it using only the materials provided by the garment into something that tells a completely different impression or culture from its original form. I plan to find a way to use every piece of material on the original garment to create the new form.

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