Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Museum Trip! UMMA

The day we went to UMMA (University of Michigan Museum of Art) it was a beautiful day outside. Funny that 50 degrees and being able to see grass puts one in such a good mood. So being inside was sad, but I was so thrilled and energize with the weather that I was open to the visit. I found out later we weren't suppose to take pictures in the museum,  but as an art student what do you expect?

This is an interactive table I found really entertaining.

A piece made of AK47 pieces, very cool.


Delicate looking wood piece

VERY long video piece which was projected on three walls.


The wall paper it was played upon.

I want a neat lamp like this

Maniquennis freak me out....but these ones are okay...I guess....

This was the only piece I was able to stand and read.....

Thanks, ~Brittlyn

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