Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The video contains pieces of what I have been filming throughout the semester. My purpose is to capture (frame) certain objects, people, and whatever I feel like! Originally I wanted to frame innocence and reality, by filming random things and people I come in contact with. When you watch a movie, usually you have an idea of what you will be watching, and the plot. I think it is more interesting when you have no idea what you are watching, but can create a scenario of your own instead. I'm not sure that this is very conceptual yet, but i've changed my idea many times.
I may change my focus to what we discussed in class on Monday. I was very interested in how artwork can be framed differently, and "taking it off the walls."

Apparently the video is too large to upload or something....
I will just show it tomorrow in class!!!!

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  1. Considering that most of what is on museum and gallery walls is 3D, it's a shame not to be able to engage, usually, with more than a single surface.

    Yes! —off the walls and into an exploration of volume

    as we both display and make differently.